Perween Rahman Fellowship

What does the fellowship offer?
The fellowship offers a small grant of $2,000 to work with poor communities in an active process of change - and to learn a lot in the process.  You will not be alone:  the fellowships will be embedded in the work of ACHR, which links community groups, NGOs and support professionals in 20 Asian countries around a process of citywide and people-driven slum upgrading, in which the poor are the key doers in finding creative solutions to their problems of land, housing and services.  You will also be part of the Community Architects Network (CAN), which has become an important technical support system for this people-driven change process in Asia.  

Each fellowship offers US$2,000, to partly support a person to work with poor communities on the ground for at least 6 months, on various kinds of initiatives, such as housing and settlement planning and design, community mapping, alternative and low-cost construction techniques. The budget is quite small, so it's important that each fellow finds ways to contribute and to make big change with small funds - which was a guiding principal of Perween's work and is a key part of ACHR's working philosophy also.  

The Perween Rahman Fellowship Fund will start with a capital of $30,000, drawn from the Rockefeller Foundation's institutional grant to ACHR.  This means that initially, we will be able to support 15 fellows.

Through the process of the fellow’s selection and working, all fellow will be introduced to CAN group and ACHR’s coalition in the country they working with as their mentor or advisor. The fellow will be invite to be part of CAN team to work on community projects or contribute on the regional CAN workshop. All lesson learn, impact, and working’s method from the project will be record into handbook as the collective learning for sharing to young architect and practisioner around asia.

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