Perween Rahman Fellowship

How to apply
Each fellowship is for one person, who could be an architect, planner or engineer, or a community-based builder or technician.  A group can propose a fellow they'd like to work with, or you can propose yourself.   Applicantmust get the agreement of the community or network of communities you'd like to work with, or of the local support organization you will link with.  

The work you propose to do should last at least six months, should be based in action (not research), and should bring benefit to the community (or communities) you work with.  The proposed work should have a clear context - a certain city, or a certain community or network of communities, or a certain housing project - and should build on some kind of relationship or program which has already begun (with a local support organization or community network, for example).  

Each fellowship offers US$2,000, to partly support a person to work with poor communities on the ground for at least 6 months, on various kinds of initiatives, such as housing and settlement planning and design, community mapping, alternative and low-cost construction techniques. The budget is quite small, so it's important that each fellow finds ways to contribute and to make big change with small funds - which was a guiding principal of Perween's work and is a key part of ACHR's working philosophy also.  

The first round of fellowship proposals will be selected by PRF committees. After a month of screening, the first set of fellowships will be announced.  All the proposals will first be screened by a core team from CAN and ACHR, then sent to the key groups in the host countries to check and comment on, and finally reviewed and agreed upon by a senior regional committee.
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