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January 2011
Comprehensive Site Planning Handbook
Size: 7663MB

This community handbook is one in a series of ACHR Handbooks for Housing By People, to be published in 2011. We are making an effort to compile the accumulated knowledge and experiences of our friends in the ACHR coalition. These publications will collate case studies of CODI and ACCA projects in Asia and the Pacific, in order to make a series of simple handbooks for community members and relevant agencies, and those who see the possible path of community development.

January 2011
Community Mapping Handbook
Size: 5579MB
"We believe that processes of comprehensive site planning can be a vital tool to find the meaning of “Living Together” through ways of doing, discussing, planning, and sharing together - as human beings used to do when they settled themselves together."
Design by, with, for People
Size: 12896MB
In this special publication from the CAN & ACHR, we take a detailed look at the work of many community architects around Asia who are experimenting with new and unconventional ways of supporting community-driven change processes in their cities and countries.
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